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9 Types Of Dump Trucks

Everyone knows what a dump truck is. But did you know there is more than one type of dump truck?

It’s true. A dump truck is a truck with a big box on the back that can be used for carrying and dumping. And it can be driven like any other truck, however, truck driving schools give dump truck drivers additional training in operating the dump features. There’s more to it than just pushing a button and watching the dirt fall to the ground.

One particular aspect of operating a dump truck involves spreading your load over a distance. This requires a particular skill because you must elevate the dump at a certain level and if spreading the load on an upgrade or a downgrade, then you’ll have lower or raise the dump accordingly.

That said, here are 9 different types of dump trucks you may see in training and beyond:

  1. Standard dump truck – Nothing original here.
  2. Super dump truck – Contains 4 to 7 axles and capable of carrying great loads.
  3. Articulated dump truck – Includes a hinge between the cab and dump box allowing for use in rough terrain.
  4. Transfer dump truck – A standard dump truck with a trailer in tow.
  5. Dump truck and pup – A transfer truck where the trailer has its own hydraulic ram, making it capable of stand-alone dumping.
  6. Side dump truck – A three-axle truck pulling a two-axle trailer.
  7. Semi-trailer end dump truck – A side dump truck where the two-axle trailer has its own hydraulic hoist.
  8. Semi-trailer bottom dump truck – Similar to the semi-trailer end dump truck where the dump feature is a clam shell dump gate in the center bottom of the trailer.
  9. Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck – Consists of a two-axle tractor pulling a single-axle semi-trailer and one or two full trailers.

These are not the only types of dump trucks. The type of dump truck you’ll drive will depend on the country you are working in, the nature of the work that needs to be performed, and your own qualifications. In any case, there is a progression of complexity in dump truck operations and you’ll need to learn how to operate each type of truck on its own. Start with the standard dump truck and work your way up.

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