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Working With Heavy Equipment and Snow

With winter in full steam, there were many areas of the United States that received some unexpected wintry weather causing many accidents. One that happens occasionally is people in cars stuck in a snow storm — literally buried in a massive snow drift. Heavy equipment, specifically trucks mounted with snow ploughs as well as smaller sized bulldozers, are called to action.

Snow drifts can be in excess of over 50 feet – something that would take a long time to shovel away with the human hand. In a case of being buried alive, time is crucial and trained heavy equipment operators can do the job quickly.

Aside from using different types of heavy equipment to help with rescue efforts in the snow, operators are called often to clear roads during winter months. Think about just how chaotic the morning commute would be without snow ploughs ready to make the roads as smooth as possible.

Aside from protecting our community, heavy equipment operators use roller compactors on ski trails to smooth out the areas prior to and post snowfalls. For the snow lover, working for a ski resort or company could be a dream job.

Working in the heavy equipment field doesn’t mean “no work” during winter months. Yes, there are some operators who work seasonally or decide to venture off to warmer climates for work. However, there are many projects and jobs that require the skill and knowledge of a trained heavy equipment operator. With a good background in all the equipment, you could very well remove snow from highways, clear a ski trail and save a family trapped in a snow drift – all in one day. Now, that’s a job!

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