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Heavy Equipment Employers Desire Trained Employees

Would you allow a surgeon who never took training to operate on you or a loved one? Or, how about letting your kids ride in a school bus with a driver who without a license? This is how a construction operator feels about hiring an operator without proper heavy equipment training. It’s way too risky.

Construction companies invest a lot of money into their equipment and materials. In today’s tight economy, employers want to hire the very best – the operators who really know how to handle their equipment as well as keep the working area safe.  As part of their search, they are seeking candidates that not only possess a desire to work in heavy equipment but have a strong background in professional training.

Why can’t you just get on-the-job training?

Most construction companies will give you a basic overview of the type of heavy equipment they use and any specifics they may have with projects they are handling. However, they do not have the time or the resources to train or teach you how to use their fleet of equipment. More and more companies are requiring candidates to have previous experience and/or professional training with certification.

How can you get certification and training?

If you attend a credible heavy equipment school, like the Heavy Construction Academy, you will be able to gain a deep understanding about this field plus be able to train on most of the equipment. Not only will you walk away confident you can drive these machines, but that you have general knowledge of what makes these machines tick too.

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