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There’s A Rush In Ohio For Heavy Equipment Operators

Today, if there is a boom of jobs anywhere, people flock to it.  The state of Ohio has recently seen an increase in the need of trained heavy equipment operators. Adults in all stages of life are turning to schools to train them quickly and successfully so they can take advantage of this opportunity.

Many adults are heading back to training schools, such as the Heavy Construction Academy, to gain the knowledge and expertise to handle large equipment. As for Ohio, it is the industry of oil that is pulling in operators left and right.

Ohio has seen a growth in the oil industry and heavy equipment operators are in urgent need in the eastern Ohio’s oil explosion. From factory workers to stay-at-home moms making a move back into work to the semi-retired and folks just looking to make a move, this field is attractive in benefits, time and money.

Ohio’s massive oil shale and natural gas deposits are beckoning a 21st century oil rush that experts estimate will create approximately 66,000 jobs and a $4.9 billion for the state’s economy in two years.

Like the Gold Rush, many people are getting the heavy equipment training and heading to the eastern part of the state to make the money. Aside from working on the oil rigs using heavy equipment, operators will also be working in construction to build new roads and support buildings. What lies below the surface of Eastern Ohio could be fossil-fuel gold for energy companies across the country.

These types of jobs are open to both sexes. In fact, owners consider most women in heavy equipment to handle and be weary of safety issues better than men – a lighter control of the equipment resulting in better performance.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s time to get that heavy equipment training so you aren’t “left behind” this rush in demand for heavy equipment operators. Reliance on our own country’s natural resources is increasing and that means the need for people to handle the equipment.

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