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Training Is A Must When Using Computerized Heavy Equipment

There’s always someone who is resistant to technology – to change. It used to be typewriters, then word processors and now it is the dawn of computers. Computers are everywhere including in heavy equipment. Computers, according to some, make heavy equipment too easy to use. Others think it makes it too confusing and difficult.

It is true. Computers and technology in heavy equipment has made some controls easier and more precise. In fact, some of the controls could be operated using one finger. The real question is whether or not heavy equipment work has changed for the better.

Just like the cars of today, the controls have made them handle the roads better and more comfortable too. In heavy equipment, the bulldozer can now venture into terrain where older equipment never dared to go. In the past, bulldozers could not work on sandy beaches, restoring the sand after a storm. Today, there is no problem bringing in a modern day bulldozer – easy as pie.

Because of the adaptation of computers and technology, there is more training that is required. In the past, GPS systems were something that NASA only used. Today, heavy equipment uses GPS as well, and therefore, heavy equipment operators must know how to use it correctly.

Today, heavy equipment operators must gain training from a reputable school not from a “someone who knows equipment” like maybe our grandfathers did. In the past, certifications weren’t as important. Safety was not an issue as well – it went with the work.  Today, employers in this industry expect our graduates to be well trained and ready to start work on the first day – not after weeks of trial-and-error training.

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